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Bespoke Villas is a boutique travel agency, and specialises on high-end and design luxury residences in Cape Town and selected South African destinations. 

Our luxury vacation rentals provide more space, privacy and convenience than most hotels. They combine architectural and interior design excellence and are reserved just for your use. 

We have handpicked upmarket villas and apartments. Should you not find a suitable option here, just call +27 021 791 0308 or email us, as we have access to over 2,000 self-catering villas and apartments, just for Cape Town alone.

People inspire us and we want to inspire them too.

We have been renowned for the high quality of our exclusive and upmarket villas, the innovative ideas, the effective co-operation with clients around the world and the ability to tailor our services to each customer’s needs surpassing their expectations.

We live for that satisfaction.


Jenny - Director

General Manager -Business Devlopment - Marketing - Client Liaison

Kathi - Director

International affairs - Finance - Legal  - Operations

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